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New Stair Case With Glass Ballastrades

Home Improvements With A New Oak and Glass Staircase

Designer Staircases

Improving Your Home With A New Bespoke Staircase

Adding a New Staircase To Your Home Can Create A Wow Factor And Add Value

Property renovations and home improvements are definitely on the increase. Creating a focal point in the main living areas of your home is something some people tend to struggle with. Well, we can help you with just that.

The entrance to every property is something we tend to over look yet whenever there is a modern staircase or even a grand traditional staircase in full view it grabs every ones attention and can set off your home to everyone's envy. Designing and installing a new staircase isn't as daunting as it sounds if you use the right people.

Quality Staircases Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Modern Bespoke Stair Installers Cardiff

Here at Derwood Homes we specialize in designing and installing staircases regardless of the shape or size. Take a look at our stair case portfolio and see for your self some of the new stair cases and refurbished stairs that we have installed.

Whether you're looking to install an attic staircase, a new basement stairs or to simple create a wow factor by fitting a new modern staircase we can certainly help you to do just that.

With fire regulations and building regulations playing an important factor in all types of building work it is imperative that a staircase is designed, constructed and installed to comply with all such regulations. If not then not only are you at risk of injury but your house insurance may also be void. 

Whether you live in Cardiff, Bridgend or the surrounding areas of South Wales and looking to have a new stair case, give us a call  and experience what we have to offer from the outset.

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