Thinking of A Self Build Project?

Not So Long Ago The Self Build Market Was All The Craze – So What Happened!

Well, the recession hit everyone hard.. Peoples dream of building their own home became a fantasy unless you were fortunate enough to have a lot of cash in the bank or lucky enough to find a self build mortgage lender. Prior to the recession there were over 40 such lenders offering self build mortgages and then over night just two or three were left. As a result the idea of starting a self build project became a dream for many… Thinking of A Self Build Project

Regardless of the hard times Derwood Homes has continued to build homes of all shapes and sizes for our customers. Like everyone else we put up a fight and continued helping people all over South Wales make this dream come true yet again. More and more people are becoming confident that they can now afford to start a Self Build Project especially now that Self Build lending packages are becoming readily available again.

The good news is that more and more lenders are starting to offer self build mortgages again and companies such as ours makes the whole process even easier. Not only do we design and build homes from start to finish but we can also help spread out the build costs over the course of the construction work. With every trade ‘in house’ we can guarantee that every self build project runs smoothly and efficiently.

What Is The Cheapest Way To Construct Your Self Build Home?

Well first of all building your own home should be fun and a memorable experience. Unfortunately for some people they find building their own self build project stressful and overwhelming. Well folks, it shouldn’t be.. My advice is plan it carefully and seek as much help and advice as you possibly can fro the outset.

Yes, I agree that the cheBuilding Your Own Self Build Home Can Be Funapest way to build your own home is to do most of the work yourself.. But that means working every spare minute you have on your project. Every night, every weekend and every holiday time you have. It can also mean that the construction process can be long and daunting. Unless you have the knowledge it can also end up costing you more in the long run if you made any expensive mistakes and possibly a project that you could not afford to finish..

We’ve all come across a self build project that seems to go on and on for years or has been deserted for some reason or other. It’s generally due to poor planning and budgeting so don’t make the same mistake. The amount of times people have come to us asking to finish their project is quite alarming and it’s generally because they can no longer deal with the stress or because they don’t have the time to do so. Getting involved is what we generally encourage people to do.

Some will, some prefer not to whereas others like to take part in making a mess and helping out in any of the demolition works like one of our customers recently did!

Project Managing Your Own Self Build

Another way to save money building your dream home is to hire a builder to do most of the work for you but instead of someone else project managing the build you, you do so yourself.

Self Build Specialists Derwood HomesSome people we have worked with have thoroughly enjoyed doing so whilst others have tried and found it to daunting. Any successful project has to be managed efficiently otherwise it could end up costing you more than you had hoped. For example… You have to ensure that every trade is well organized so that no one particular trade is held up with their work and that all deliveries are on time and of course correctly ordered. You also have to arrange for someone to off load the deliveries, check them as they arrive and ensure that all of your tradesmen can continue with their work. Otherwise they could charge you for ‘waiting time’.

If you are at work when your house is being constructed you we will need to be able to take calls from your tradesmen and deal with any thing they may need at short notice. Dealing with these simple things if not done correctly can end up causing you and your family a lot of stress. It can even result in your relationship with your tradesmen becoming sour. Managing different trades to construct different stages of your new home can if done correctly work well. However, these trades have to make money and charge you for their services unless of course they are family or friends.

Building your project in this way can in the long run be more expensive than any other method. The best way is to hire a reputable builder who can not only construct your project from start to finish but also project manage the whole process for you.

Hire A Reputable Builder To Construct Your New Self Build Project

There are plenty of good builders out there… far more than you think. Here at Derwood Homes our reputation has grown from strength to strength simply because we offer a very flexible or comprehensive 1st class Self Build Service to suit our Self Build Project Derwood Homescustomers needs. Not only can we obtain planning permission for your self build project, we can also design your home to suit your budget and then build it without anything for you to worry about. Our team of highly skilled and caring tradesmen ensure that the whole process runs smoothly and efficiently.

There are many things you need to consider when building a house. The structural and engineering detail that is sometimes needed can be quite complex. With Building Regulations changing on a frequent basis and more environmental friendly, recycling systems having to be installed as part of the building process the cost to build a house is on the increase. Some of the skills and technology need to install these systems has become to much even for the DIY minded individual . However, we love a challenge and thoroughly enjoy building homes for our customers.

The end result is that our customers can then enjoy all of the high quality benefits that a Self Build Project has to offer..

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