Are You Looking For Ideas To Build A New House Extension ?

Well how about building a new house extension over your garage?

So far we have never failed to come up with an idea for our customers to add a new extension to their home regardless of the size or shape…

We always find some unique way to add that much sort after living space to a home to suit all sorts of budgets.

Take for example this project whereby we built a new house extension over a garage.

It does seem a fairly obvious solution towards adding an extra bedroom and increasing the size of an existing room as part of building a new extension without taking away any garden space but the complexity and engineering design is a critical factor when adding extra loads to the existing foundations of a garage as in this example.

The key is to never take anything for granted or assume that the existing foundations are suitable for building onto, as in this case. It’s always best to check that the existing foundations are strong enough to cope with the extra weight which is exactly what we did on this particular project.

So prior to starting any works we excavated the ground around the existing garage foundations and checked that they had been constructed and complied with current building and engineering calculations to enable us to build onto.

Although we still had to install some extra steel beams we managed to construct a lovely new extension on top of our clients garage to give them the extra living space them desperately needed.

The end result was another happy customer.. Click here to view the photo gallery…

If you need some advice or ideas on building an extension feel free to contact us at any time.


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