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How To Install A Staircase With A Wow Factor

Saturday, March 9th, 2013

Top Tips On How To Install A Staircase And Give Your Home a New Lease of Life

Many of us are guilty of ignoring our staircases, seeing them merely as a means of going from one floor to another.

How to install a staircaseHowever, given that most staircases are located in hallways or foyers, they will actually be the first thing that your visitor will see and will be responsible for creating the first impression of your home. Therefore is very important to install a staircase that will create an immediate wow factor and modernise your home

How To Install A Staircase Or Modernise An Existing One

Whether you are planning on installing a new staircase or merely modernising an existing staircase, it is worth taking some time to carefully plan the overall effect that you want to create, as this will determine the style of staircase and the materials that you need to use.

If you’re keen to learn how to install a staircase there are many different ways that you can do so and many type of staircases to choose from.

Contemporary staircases including the following;

How to install a staircase – Replacing the handrails

Often simply changing the handrails can dramatically change the look of your staircase. For example replacing a wood handrail with a more modern wrought iron one.

How to install a staircase – Replacing old treads and risers

Often taking up worn out carpet can make a big difference to making your stairs appear fresher and more modern. You could then either sand down and revarnish the existing treads and risers or replace them altogether.

How to install a staircase – Modernise with paint or wallpaper

To avoid having to renew your staircase you could paint your existing handrail and stairs in a more appealing colour. For example using black and white paint can be a good choice as they are timeless colours. The white will help to freshen and brighten up the area while the black will help to add sophistication.

South wales staircase makers Derwood HomesIf you fancy a more “funky” staircase why not use stencils or wallpapers to create a more dramatic effect. For example you could wallpaper the risers with funky wallpaper to contrast the wood threads. This can help to create your very own bespoke staircase that will certainly stand out from the crowd.

How to install a staircase – Create a floating staircase

Floating staircases are stairs that have no unsightly framework or support visible. They can be created using many different materials including wood and aluminium. They work particularly well for people who want to create a very modern or minimalist effect. Some floating stairs have handrails while others don’t. However, it is advisable to opt for handrails especially if you have children.  You can also create a more “floating” effect by installing built in lighting.

Choosing the right materials will play a major part within your staircase design as different materials will create different effects. Below are some tips to help you choose the best one for you;

Wood Staircases – Wood is often regarded as being more dated and old fashioned; however with there now being so many different types of wood and different coloured stains, wood can also now offer a great way to create a modern stairs look.

Staircase Designs and ideas Derwood HomesIron Staircases – Iron has traditionally been used for making stairs for many, many years and is still a popular choice and can still create a contemporary feel.

Glass Staircases – Glass can be a great choice as it can help to showcase your stairs and won’t block off any view or space.

It can also help to make a small area look larger and more spacious.

Frosted glass Staircases – Frosted glass staircases can work well in homes that have lots of natural light and can look very sophisticated.

So who would have thought that there was so much to consider when thinking of changing or installing a staircase?

How to install a staircase or upgrade your existing one

Incredibly, the stairs are the last thing that any of us think of changing when in fact it should be one of the first given that it is actually one of the main focal points of the home. Take care to remember this the next time you decide to install a staircase.

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