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How To Landscape A Garden To Add Value To Your Property

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

3 Tips On How To Landscape A Garden

Everyone would love to know how to landscape a garden to save money rather than employing a professional landscape gardener to do the work.  There is some thing special and inspiring about a well designed and landscaped garden.

Some people find a garden a tranquil place to ‘chill – out’ or a great place for the family to play and socialise or as a hobby.

How to landscape a garden to add value to your property

How To Landscape A Garden – Plan your garden design carefully

When you start to consider a garden makeover, it is better to sketch any proposed ideas that you may have, including shapes, colours and furniture, onto a sketch pad, ensuring to allow for the current outlay of your house and garden.

This will provide you with a better idea of whether your proposed ideas will work.

How To Landscape A Garden – Deciding on the right shapes to use

Many shapes work well within garden designs including circles, squares and rectangles.

Before deciding on the shape or shapes that you are going to use, you will need to take into consideration the size and location of your garden.

Using a variety of shapes can create a more interesting effect  overall but it if you are planning to use multiple shapes you will need to make sure that the shapes fit in neatly with each other especially if you are planning on using a combination of square or rectangle shape with a circle

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Squares can be a particularly good shape to use as they can flow better. Alternating the squares with one lawn square followed by a flowered square can work really well.

Planting squares with pale colours can be particularly beneficial in making a small garden look larger.

You can even use square slate structures to raise the turf for a different effect.

Or the more ambitious among you could either create a Mediterranean feel by positioning an urn within a square box hedging or could change a square shape into a diamond by simply tilting the square around.

How To Landscape A Garden – Choose your plants wisely

Try to create as much variety of shrubs and plants as possible and allow for the various seasons. You will need to carefully plan your garden landscaping so that you have plants and flowers that will provide colour throughout the year.

For example you will not want to plant flowers that will only flower in the summer as during the winter your garden will look dull and lifeless.

You will also need to take care to choose the right trees and shrubs that only grow to a certain size in order that you do not have to spend time pruning them.  Reducing the size of your lawn and replacing it with low maintenance plants and flowers can also save you time.

How to landscape a garden to increase your property valueTry to plant in layers allowing the low growing plants to conceal the stems of the taller plants behind and select your colour carefully, ensuring that the colour reflects the location.

For example you would not want to use a bright, tropical colour within a more traditional setting. An old English garden type theme would be more appropriate.

It is worth taking into account that prices for garden landscaping items like plants, flowers and gardening equipment will be higher during the spring/summer seasons, therefore it is better to wait until the end of the growing season to purchase these items.

You can also save money by asking friends and families for cuttings of any of their plants or flowers that you could then plant in your own garden.

How To Landscape A Garden – Stand out from the rest

Having a well landscaped garden will without doubt help to make your home stand out from the rest and will add value too. However, it is wise to carry out thorough research, or to contact an expert, to ask advice on how to landscape a garden to create the best appeal.

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