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Ideas For Building A New House Extension

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Are You Looking For Ideas To Build A New House Extension ?

Well how about building a new house extension over your garage?

So far we have never failed to come up with an idea for our customers to add a new extension to their home regardless of the size or shape…

We always find some unique way to add that much sort after living space to a home to suit all sorts of budgets.

Take for example this project whereby we built a new house extension over a garage.

It does seem a fairly obvious solution towards adding an extra bedroom and increasing the size of an existing room as part of building a new extension without taking away any garden space but the complexity and engineering design is a critical factor when adding extra loads to the existing foundations of a garage as in this example.

The key is to never take anything for granted or assume that the existing foundations are suitable for building onto, as in this case. It’s always best to check that the existing foundations are strong enough to cope with the extra weight which is exactly what we did on this particular project.

So prior to starting any works we excavated the ground around the existing garage foundations and checked that they had been constructed and complied with current building and engineering calculations to enable us to build onto.

Although we still had to install some extra steel beams we managed to construct a lovely new extension on top of our clients garage to give them the extra living space them desperately needed.

The end result was another happy customer.. Click here to view the photo gallery…

If you need some advice or ideas on building an extension feel free to contact us at any time.


Building A House Extension To Be Proud Of!

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

Building A House Extension Won Us This Award

Award Winning Builder Derwood Homes

We were so proud when it was announced that we had won the Rhondda Cynon Taff Building Excellence Awards 2014 for building a house extension in Porth.

We were up against some stiff competition so we were overjoyed when we won.

I was particularly pleased as it is testimony to the high quality workmanship that we provide here at  Derwood Homes.

You see, that’s something that we will never compromise on…Providing the best quality workmanship and customer service possible.

That is why we take care to only employ the highest skilled tradesmen to build house extensions on behalf of Derwood homes.

Nothing less will do!

 Building A House Extension With Less Stress

At Derwood Homes, we acknowlege that building a house extension can be extremely stressful, especially if you don’t know where to start.

There are so many factors to consider including…

Do you need planning?

What about building regs?

What is the best type of house extension to have to keep within your  budget?

That is why we offer free quotes for building a house extension within South Wales and why we also offer Architectural and Engineer Surveys and Advice for piece of mind and to ensure that the process run smoothly.

But don’t just take our word for it…

Click here to read what others have said about the workmanship and customer service that we provided when building a house extension for them.

Building A House Extension? Then Give Us A Call.

If you’re considering building a house extension, then you may also enjoy reading  our blog that highlights the 5 common mistakes that people make when renovating a house, by clicking on the link below

Building Contractors Cardiff

Without a doubt, house extensions can a great and affordable way of providing more living space.

So if you are considering building a house extension in the South Wales area then why not give us a call to provide you with a FREE, no obligation quote.

We look forward to hearing from you.






House Extension Wins Bridgend Builder The Building Excellence Award!

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Award Winning House Extension Proves Popular With Customers

We are all very excited he

re at Derwood Homes having won the Rhondda Cynon Taff Building Excellence Awards 2014 for a house extension that we recently built for a customer.

We have always prided ourselves for our high quality workmanship and excellent customer service…but this award really was the icing on the cake.

Reputable Builders Cardiff

All of our team are highly skilled tradesmen who take sp

ecial pride in ensuring the best possible workmanship and customer service when building house extensions or carrying out any other building work.

Building a house extension can be very challenging, and this particular house extension was no exception…It came complete with many challenges.

However  being the professional and experienced company that we are, we managed to overcome any issues that arose and went on to create this great house extension that the customer was thrilled with. Excellence Award Won By Local Builders South Wales

We even took the customer with us to the awards ceremony and ,as you can imagine, he was incredibly proud that his house extension  actually won.

This is not the first time that  Derwood Homes have been in the spotlight for our quality workmanship.

We have also had our self build homes featured within the “Build It” Magazine and on the channel 5 property program “The Property List” .

And we fully intend to continue to offer the best quality workmanship that we can when building a house extension, new build house, garage conversion, barn conversion or indeed any other building project that we take on.

If you are looking for a builder in Bridgend or anywhere else in South Wales and would like us to provide you with a free Quotation, to build a house extension or any other building project,then contact us and we’ll get straight back to you.

Have a great day,



House Extensions Are A Great Way To Add Space And Value To Your Home

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

House Extensions Versus Moving House

With house prices rising and our pockets being significantly lighter, more and more people are now opting to create more living space by building house extensions as opposed to selling up.

Planning a house extension can be very exciting and although it can seem a somewhat pricey option, having a house extension can add significant value to your property, should yhouse extensions ideasou want to sell in the future. So house extensions really are a win, win option when you want to create more living space.

Financially it makes sense to extend or convert areas of your home instead of going to the cost and upheaval of moving. With detached house prices in Wales averaging a lofty £219,625 it’s hardly surprising that many of us are now opting for the cheaper option of building home extensions instead.

House extensions can take many forms including adding a conservatory, orangery, loft conversion or even a garage conversion. It will be down to your own personal circumstances and preferences as to which option you choose.  However,there are endless house extension ideas that you can choose from including;

Opting for a conservatory or orangery to make the most of relaxing with family and friends, especially during the summer months.

Transforming a barely used garage into a playroom for the children or a work from home office.

Swapping old boxes for a new bedroom in the loft.

House Extensions Can Satisfy Many Needs

House extensions can provide answers to many needs including;

Providing more living space to accommodate the growth of the family or as an extra room for a relative or lodger.

Improve a current living space e.g. increase a small kitchen, provide an extra bathroom or even as an extra room to accommodate the ever increasing flexibility of working from home.

Acting as an investment by increasing your home to be in line with the size of your plot or to make it in line with other larger sized houses in the neighbourhood.

Whatever your own reasons for having a house extension, without a doubt house extensions will not only create more space but will add value to your property too, so they really are worth the initial investment.

House Extensions Run Smoother When You Consult The Experts

The first question most people ask before considering having house extensions is how much does a house extension cost.

Unfortunately there is no easy answer to this as the costs will vary greatly depending on the size and location of the proposed house extension and what materials are required so it really is a case of getting a quote from a reputable builder.

Most reputable builders now offer free, no obligation quotes, for house extensions, so there really is nothing to lose by asking for a free quote.

As with any other building project it is wise to seek professional help before you go ahead with any house extensions, in order to avoid any unnecessary stress and sleepless nights.

Take time to carry out research to find the best qualified architect and builders in your area who can examine your plans and discuss your house extension options with you, including advising you on whether your house extension plans need planning permission.

Appoint a time for any house extensions with your appointed builder to a time that suits your family commitments. House extensions can be disruptive so make sure that you take this into account. Just think; would you want your house extension to take place during the six weeks summer holiday when your children are off school!

Also you need allow for any hiccups that may happen to delay the time frame for your house extension.

Some people appoint a project manager to oversee any house extension projects in order to reduce on stress; however this can be a costly exercise, especially if your budget is tight.

The good news is that some building companies will also offer this service,so if you’re looking to have someone to oversee the project, this might be something to consider.

As always, take care to check out your preferred builders credentials before appointing them for any house extensions; ensuring to check their work portfolio and their customer testimonials.

Just remember good house extensions aren’t cheap and cheap extensions aren’t good…in fact they can be downright dangerous. So take care to appoint the best builder for the job.

For anyone thinking of having house extensions in  South Wales , we offer free, no obligation quotes and also can provide testimonials as proof of our high quality workmanship.

Derwood Homes


New House Extension In Cardiff Creates Viral Interest Across South Wales

Friday, April 19th, 2013

Our Latest House Extension Project in Cardiff Attracts Attention

There is nothing more rewarding than receiving a BIG Thank you message from a customer for the hard work, professionalism and service you provided whilst building a new house extension for them.

news of a house extension in cardiff goes viral

As you know Derwood Homes provides a huge variety of building services such as building house extensions and building new self build homes for people across South Wales.

Offering A First Class Service

When the service and work you carry out is of the highest quality, word of mouth becomes the best form of advertising, hence why when customers are looking to have a new house extension built they very often turn to us ….. knowing full well that testimonials and comments such as these mean that they can rely on a 1st class service.

Customer Satisfaction

One such house extension project in Cardiff that we built created so much recent excitement for our customers that they took it upon themselves to text each member of our work force to personally thank them for their hard work, excellent workmanship and sincere and polite customer service.

This resulted in the word quickly spreading that we had built such a lovely high quality house extension in Cardiff. So much so that our phone lines started ringing more than usual, plus we were inundated with emails from customers looking to have building work carried out. 

New house extension in Cardiff

It was obvious that our customer was extremely pleased with the design and quality of the their new house extension so much so that their recommendations meant that that our reputation was going viral via social media across South Wales !!!

It’s moments like this that make us want to ‘blow our own trumpet.. but at the same time thank our customers for their support ‘.

Building Dreams

The excitement and gratitude we receive from some of our customers for building and making their ‘dream come true’ whether it is a new build, a new house extension, loft conversion or maybe a garage conversion or modern Orangery means that we have done exactly what we promise to do …

But the truth is…. that it is always down to TEAM EFFORT….. The Derwood Team !

With this in mind we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our wonderful customers who really do appreciate the service a reputable builder can offer.

THANK YOU… to all of our customers New and Old for your kind support, testimonials and of course for giving us the opportunity to ‘build your dream’!!

We really do try over very best !

Yours Truly
Derwood Homes


Into the Breach – Why the Best-laid Plans Still Need Permission!

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

It seems that the proof isn’t so much in the pudding as in the planning when it comes to a spot of home improvement!

Homeowners in the UK have shelled out more than £6bn on unauthorised home improvements in the last five years, with one in 10 bending the rules to get the house of their dreams.

Insurance firm LV= has discovered that home improvements in a tenth of homes in the UK contravene building regulations, from simple drainage projects to complete house renovations.

Builders and surveyors claim that building regs are commonly being flouted, with a staggering 26% of those surveyed saying they had seen extensions where a breach had occurred. One in five builders and surveyors have come across loft conversions where building regs had not been followed, and 14% had seen walls taken down and chimneys and fireplaces removed without the regulations being adhered to. Eight percent were aware of rule-breaking conservatories and more than three percent had seen unauthorised rooms created out of cellars and basements.

In the same five-year period, 176,000 homeowners have been ordered to rectify building work which flouted the rules, whilst one in five had had a retrospective planning application turned down.

Home improvement has been seen as a solution to the economic downturn, with many homeowners unable to move or trapped in negative equity. But planning regulations are often viewed as confusing, and this is not helped when planning laws change. In September 2012, the government announced that homeowners would soon be able to extend detached homes by 8m and non-detached houses by 6m without the need for planning permission.

This was intended as good news. But a fifth of those who have carried out major work since the announcement believe that the changes are already in effect, and anyone who has carried out work without permission might have to get it reversed if they can’t get permission retrospectively.

Conversion and extension projects might also lead to other problems. Carrying out work at your property might well affect your insurance policy, yet 47% of homeowners did not tell their insurers about the changes.

LV= home insurance MD John O’Roarke said: “Many homeowners are choosing to improve or extend their homes as they are unable to move or choose not to, but have little understanding of the ‘red tape’ involved with building work.

“Breaching building regulations or planning rules can lead to hefty fines or an order to reverse any offending work. Those intending to make substantial changes to a property should consult their local authority for advice on the rules and inform their insurer of their plans to ensure they have adequate cover in place should the worst happen.”

Despite the confusion, extending your home or converting a space does not have to be complicated. Decide what you want to do and chat to a reputable local builder, as well as your local planning officer, about your plans.


How To Plan A New Home Extension 2013

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

Tips to consider when you plan a new home extension

Decide what you want and really need when you start planning a new home extension

Deciding to build an extension or carry out some house renovations is a big decision. In the first instance you should decide what you actually want and really need to make your home a better place to live.

Secondly, think about whether there is a cheaper or alternative way to create the extra living space that you are seeking.

Building a new home extension can transform and add value to your home as long as it is done correctly. Over the last 18 months or so the planning and building regulations have changed so it is vital that you find a reputable builder who can give you all of the best advice necessary to help you get started.

When you plan a new home extension it is a good idea to find out how much it will cost before applying for planning permission and incurring any costs. The best way to do so is to ask a fully qualified and experienced builder who should be able to help you free of charge. 

The Key questions to ask yourself when planning a home extension

Do you want a single or double storey extension?

Single-storey extensions: These extensions are usually quicker and more straightforward to gain planning permission for. However, what we are finding is that more and more of our customers  want to build more modern home extensions with some unique features rather than a typical square or rectangular type of extension. But don’t forget it all ends up costing more to build hence the reason why keeping within your budget is a must ! Whenever we are asked to plan a new home extension for our clients we always ask them what they budgets are so that we can desgin something that is achievable for the budget they have set.

Building a single storey extension does make it is easier to create the access from your existing home whether by a door way or by taking down the outside wall of your home to create an open plan effect.  It also means that there is little or no disruption to the upstairs of your existing property.

Double-storey extensions: They do offer a lot more room and don’t necessarily mean that they are double the price to build. In fact there is less work involved creating a second level than there is constructing the ground floor. A single storey extension has to have foundations and a roof built in the same way as a double storey extension so that part of the cost is already accounted should you decide to build a double storey rather than a single storey extension. 

Either way, if you are undecided whether to build an extension or move home, it might still be worth obtaining the planning Alternatively, think about creating a single-storey extension with the option to add an extra storey at a later date. If you sell with permission to build a second storey you may get a better price.

Where do you want your extension to be positioned?

It’s important that the property remains balanced upstairs and down, particularly if  you intend to sell. For example, if your extension means that you have only two bedrooms, but three reception rooms downstairs, it could be harder to sell.

What should your extension look like when built?

When you start to look for ideas and plan your new home extension make sure that the extension blends in with your existing house – in other words that it looks like the extension has always there. For instance, a pitched roof might be more in keeping with the style of your home than a flat one in the same way as using the same bricks as on your existing house may be more inkeeping than using a render finish.

It’s always a good idea to make sure that the brick you use are the same ones rather than them simply looking the same otherwise when the new extension is built it may look odd. A good builder will ensure that he finds a match either by using a local brick merchant or specialist such as Hanson , Brickability or Brick Find.

Planning and building regulations for extensions

In September 2012 the government announced plans that for a three-year period homeowners in England could build bigger extensions without the need for planning permission. This would allow extensions up to six metres long to be built without permission, up from three metres.

However, it is always advisable to contact your local council about planning permission for a new home extension. Regardless of what renovation, refurbishment or new extension you decide to build, the works carried out must always comply with the most up to date building regulations, something your local building control department within the council offices can advise you about.

The local council are always keen to keep the landscaped areas around properties the same, so what might seem a small issue to you i.e. taking down garden trees or hedges could be a major issue for your local planning department.  So, if you are looking at extending your home, try to minimise removing trees and hedges within your garden, particularly any near the boundary that faces onto the public highway.

Some councils have recently carried out a thorough survey on all trees within their county and placed ‘tree preservation orders’ on them making it an offence to cut them down.

Planning a new home extension doesn’t have to be complicated. The best way to do so is to decide what it is you want to achieve and to then seek the advice from a reputable builder who can do the rest for you .

Kind Regards



Building A New House Extension

Monday, December 10th, 2012

Building A House Extension.. Getting It Right !

We truly love building new house extensions…

Regardless of whether we build a house extension in Cardiff, Bridgend, Barry or any where in South Wales, receiving a testimonial such as this one below really does make us feel proud.

Customer Testimonials

“Hi Roy

We’re really enjoying the space and relaxing in the kitchen with friends.  Our friend Andrew, who we picked up yesterday from the airport, can’t stop raving about how lovely the house is. Your team have been fantastic and we cannot sing their praises enough. Days when we were around and saw them working away in the rain (Andrew the bricky and Geoff spring to mind) and days when we weren’t here, when Andrew and Rhys wheeled all the soil from the back through the house and then wheeled all hardcore back through the house without leaving any mess. Some nights the only way we knew they’d been here (apart from the difference in the garden) was the old glass bottles that had been dug up and left on the side for us. And finally Ray and James’s work in installing the kitchen and Jason’s perseverance at the end to get things finished to a high standard.  

Our thanks again to everyone and if you need anyone to recommend Derwood in the future we’d be happy to do that”  Mark..  New House Extension in Cardiff

All to often people find it difficult to praise someone, a service or A company when they perform well and yet we are all guilty of quickly moaning and groaning when things don’t go to plan. Thankfully our team at Derwood Homes are privileged to receive lots of thanks and praises from our customers for the building work we do and it is these moments that make it all worth while, despite upon times having to work in miserable conditions.

We built this particular house extension for a customer in Cardiff. The only real challange for us was that we had to carry everything through the house itself simply because there was no rear access. Despite this the end results was a lovely new house extension that had some large bi-fold doors that completely opened out into the garden, a lot of electric velux roof windows and a partial glass floor to allow light into the base.

Making dreams come true is what it is all about, whether we build a new house extension, a new house, a loft conversion, basement conversion or any type of project regardless of how challanging it may be we thoroughly enjoy it!

If you fancy learning more about building a new house extension, or any other type of building project why not give us a call or contact us via email

Kind Regards



What Does the New Planning Shake-up Mean for Me?

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Planning Shake-upPlanning rules are to be relaxed in England, it has been announced, in a bid to ‘get Britain building’, as deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg puts it. But, as with many matters since devolution, the situation is different here in Wales. So can we look forward to having less red tape to cut through when planning home extensions?

The truth is that a lot remains to be seen. The idea behind the proposed changes in England is to boost the economy; one way the government wants to achieve this is to allow homeowners, for a three-year period, to build bigger extensions without permission from planners in order to get the property market moving. In Wales the planning system is devolved to the Welsh Government – and they seem unlikely to follow the UK coalition.

But Environment Minister John Griffiths does want planning officers to find out what their local economies need and is expected next month to outline changes more in favour of the economy than the environment. He has told journalists that he wants to do ‘all we can’ to make sure that the planning system here supports economic development in today’s tough times and to have uniformity in decisions taken across Wales.

In the meantime, don’t be put off considering an extension as a way of adding value to your home and, of course, giving your family more room to grow! All good builders will keep up to date with the new regulations as they come into effect and will be happy to give you advice. Why not take a look here at our top tips on creating a new house extension and join the politicians in getting Britain building!


Tips For Planning A New House Extension

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Are You Thinking of Building A House Extension?

House Extensions are becoming more and more popular due to the cost of moving house being so high and house values continuing to fall. Now is a great time to build a new house extension so that when house values increase, so will yours with that newly added house extension.

Cardiff and Bridgend House Extension Builders There are many house extension ideas to choose from but it is not always as simple as picking one from a magazine or one that you may have seen on holiday.

We generally find that most of our customers appreciate the comprehensive and flexible packages we offer. By that I mean, here at Derwood Homes we can design your new house extension from scratch, submit a planning application on your behalf and of course prepare and submit a detailed Building Regulation Application.

Unfortunately planning fees and applications have increased and so have construction costs.

This is one reason why a lot of people think they can cut corners by having plans and building regs designed and submitted by unqualified individuals. This is a big mistake. As we all know, preparation is always the key. Otherwise it will come back and bite you hard. Do NOT be tempted !

8 Top Tips For Preparing To Build a New House Extension

1.  Ensure that the order in which you design, prepare and submit your house extension plans is done correctly to minimise costs. People tend to get this process mixed up. House extension costs can vary, so getting the plans designed in accordance with your budget will save time and prevent you having to re-design your house extension if the cost turns out to be much higher that what you can afford.

2.  Make sure you find someone who can design the plans and engineering detail for your new extension at the same time or at least take the two points into consideration from the start. It’s all good and well designing a modern high spec house extension and obtaining planning permission only to later discover that the house extension construction costs are not within your budget. We always tend to discuss with our clients what their budget is and then design their new house extension within those boundaries. Getting that fine balance right is paramount.

3.  Ensure that your designer and engineer are one of the same people or company rather than two separate individuals who may not know each other. This will save you costs in the long run. The amount of times we have taken over projects because an Architect / Engineer have not communicated properly and ended up providing a poor service to their customers is quite shocking. Communication is so important.

4.  Avoid cutting corners when preparing to build a house extension by not designing a full set of Building Regs for approval before works start. By doing so will ensure that all of the construction detail for the builder you choose to build your extension, knows what the current regulations are and the materials to use. If the builder tries to cut corners then only he is to blame rather than the onus being placed upon you.

5.  There are lot’s of good reputable builders around despite what some of the programmes on television say. Finding one that can provide the above from start will definitely save you time and money in the long term. In fact it will make the whole experience much more pleasurable and help develop a good working relationship. Derwood homes House Extension Builders

6.  Find a reputable builder who will project manage the works for you. Our customers love this type of service that we offer. There really is no need to appoint an outside project manager, but if it makes you feel more comfortable to pay the extra cost to do so then there is nothing wrong with that.

7.  Never pay a builder more than 10% of the build costs before works commence for building materials or as a deposit. Make sure that you fully agree what the stage payments are throughout the construction of your house extension project and what if any works may be deemed as extra or outside the main scope of works. Personally, I believe that some payment should be made before works commence as it is always a risk for a builder to carry out work for a customer who may not have any intention of paying and of course vise versa. It’s all about trust, honesty and having a first class working relationship.

8.  Try to allocate between 10 and 15% of the new house extension cost towards any unforeseen costs that may crop up. I know budgets are always tight but this can help a great deal. Remember that a builder inspector can always insist on extra works being carried out during the construction stage over and above what may be on the design drawings and of course there can be a situation whereby something within the existing property is uncovered that may require urgent remedial works to be carried out.

I hope the above is helpful. Good luck.

Feel Free To Contact Us For Any Advice You May Require. We Would Be Glad To Help

Kind Regards