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Converting A Terraced House- Let The Old Meet The New

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

Converting A Terraced House- Marrying The Old With The New

Is it just us ,or is moving into a brand new home the most exciting thing ever?

converting a terraced house

I mean, what’s not to love…

New builds just seem to ooze charm and elegance.

What with the…

  • Pristine carpets and walls
  • Unspoilt gardens
  • Not to mention the sparkling, untouched kitchen

There is definitely something very special about moving into a newly built house.

But for many of us, moving into a new build home can sadly seem like a fantasy… Only ever existing in a magazine or a dream!

But is there is a more economical way to achieve a “new build feel” for a fraction of the cost?

The Answer?


By converting an existing “worn out”  terraced house and marrying the old with the new.

Just like we did here at Derwood Homes when we recently designed and converted a terraced house with modern living in mind.

Here are a few photos showing the results that can be achieved when you convert a terraced house into a new modern home.

how to convert a terraced house gardenhow to convert a terraced house








Converting A Terraced House -What’s The Cost?

So is there a hefty price tag when it comes to converting a terraced house into your dream home?

Well that rather depends on how you look at it.

For example,the recent terraced house that we modernised cost under £40k.

That may sound a lot of money, but when you consider that you can pick up a run down terrace house, for example, in some areas of South Wales for under £50,000 then …

Creating  your modern dream home will work out a whole lot cheaper (not to mention do-able) than having to fork out double for a new build equivalent.

So our advice to you would be this…

Don’t get disheartened if you discover that your budget won’t stretch to buy the show house that you just viewed…

And don’t discount the idea of buying a terraced house just because it doesn’t yet look like your “dream home”.

Because converting a terraced house into your own bespoke modern home, will cost a fraction of the price…

And can also make you some equity in the process!

Converting A Terraced House- Help Is At Hand

how to convert a terraced house

Finally…if you have already have, (or are considering purchasing a  terraced house ) in South Wales and would like further information on converting a terraced house into your dream home, feel free to contact us  to arrange your FREE quotation.

Have fun,

Roy & Julie