Barn Conversions – The Ups And Downs

barn conversions

Many people dream of owning a property in the heart of the countryside, but are barn conversions all that they’re cracked up to be?

During the 1800’s barns were traditionally built for the storage of farm tools, crops and to house livestock. However by the later part of the 20th century, barns were starting to be used more and more for barn conversions to create the ideal spacious home in the country.

And  recent development in housing reveals that barn conversions are now very much on the increase.

Little wonder then that so many people want to get their hands on these former hay lofts and agricultural garages.

So is a barn conversion the way to go when it comes to building your dream home?

Within this post we are going to look at a few of the ups and downs of barn conversions.

Barn Conversions – The Ups

 Space Availabilty

One of the most obvious advantages of a barn conversion is the living space that it can provide. Barn conversions generally benefit from high,arched ceilings and large wooden doorways ,which make the interior of the home appear even bigger.

Blends traditional with modern 

Converting a barn can provide a great way to blend both traditional and modern designs.

Provide The Ultimate Countryside Experience

Barn conversions can provide a beautiful, serene countryside existence. Living in a barn can provide you with a once in a lifetime experience and can really turn your dream home into a reality.

Hold Their Value 

Barn conversions generally hold their value well.


Barn Conversions- The Downs


Getting your hands on a barn to convert, can be difficult as they don’t come up for grabs very often.Often barns are found in places where planners would not dream of granting permission.

We covered how to find a barn to convert within our post “Barn Conversions- How To Get Your Hands On One.”


Barn conversions can come at a cost both financially and emotionally.

The conversion costs for converting a barn tend to be more than building a house from scratch(especially if you have to use special materials to comply with listed building requirements ). Heating bills can be more expensive too.

Strict Planning Laws

Many barns come with strict planning regulations that limit what you can do with the property. Even when planning permission is granted, the entire process can be complicated and costly.

Before considering a barn conversion, it’s a good idea to pop into your local authority to speak with the planning department regarding any planning requirements.

Structurally Unsound

Barns were originally designed for animals and not for people to live in. Therefore in order for a barn to be comfortable as a home, walls often need to be insulated and refinished ,which can result in some of its space being reduced.

Overall the pro’s can indeed outweigh the cons of converting a barn; especially as barn conversions can indeed  provide the perfect dream home within a beautiful rural location.

However, if you’re considering a barn conversion, it’s worth speaking to local planners and choosing a skilled local builder who has several years of experience in the building industry.

If you’d like a free quote for a barn conversion in South Wales, please contact us here.



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