Barn Conversions- How To Get Your Hands On One

What do you see when you pass an old barn…Do you see a  worn out, derelict farm building, or does your imagination take over and conjure up images of luxurious barn conversions ?

Barn conversions became popular back in the 60’s and 70’s when people suddenly wanted to find a different style of home from the usual block styled houses of the post war years.

Nowadays, barn conversions are on the up again as people look for ways to re use resources and recycle.

Question is…How do you go about finding a barn that you can use for a barn conversion to create your dream home?

Here are 5 easy ways to find  barns that can be used for barn conversions.

Barn Conversions #1 Ask Your Local Authority

barn conversion

Check with your local authority.

Local authorities will have details of any barns that have had planning permission granted within your local area.

Then it’s a case of tracing the owner or vendor and setting the wheels in motion.

Barn Conversions #2 Check Local Press

barn conversions


Look through local papers and publications to see whether there are any barns for sale in your area.

Scouring through local newspapers can be a great way to source a barn in your area that can be purchased for a barn conversion.

Barn Conversions #3 Contact Estate Agents

Contact estate agents in your area to ask whether they have any barns for sale that have full planning permission allowing them to be used for barn conversions.

If they don’t currently have any available, then ask to be placed on their mailing list so that you can have first refusal when one becomes available.


Barn Conversions #4 Research Online

converting a barn

The great thing about living in the technology era, is that you can search for absolutely anything online…including barn conversions.

Two great sites for searching for barns that are for sale include…


Barn Conversions #5 Go For A Tour

converting a barnIf all else fails, then simply take a drive around your local area to look for any derelict barns.

When you find any barns that you think would be suitable for barn conversions, seek out the owners and discuss the possibility of them selling the barn to you.

Word of warning though: Don’t go ahead with the purchase until planning permission has been granted as all barns require planning permission that  fall with very strict guidelines.

Once you have got your hands on the perfect barn, complete with the necessary planning permission, then it’s a case of calling in the experts to get the work done.

Unless you’re skilled with the necessary qualifications yourself , it is really important to pass your barn conversion to the experts as there are very strict guidelines in place when it comes to barn conversions.

There are also financial benefits to doing this because  when you instruct a VAT registered builder to carry out the work on your behalf, you will be eligible to have the work and materials billed at a reduced VAT rate of 5%. Whereas, if you buy the materials yourself, you will pay the standard VAT rate.

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