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Building Your Own Home – The Ups And Downs

Thursday, October 15th, 2015

Building Your Own Home – The Ups And Downs

Build your own homeBuilding your own home can be a pipe dream for many people.

However, if  the time finally came that you had the financial capability to build your own home, would building your own home be all that it’s cracked up to be?

Here are a few of the ups and down of building your own home to help you decide.

 Building Your Own Home – The Ups

One of  the best things about building your own home is that you get to build a house from scratch and based on your own requirements.

You will get to choose the layout, the materials that will be used and even the smaller details that will make all the difference such as how many electrical sockets to include in each room.

Generally speaking, building your own home is a more practical alternative in terms of costs; especially if you can purchase land at a fair price.

By building your own house,YOU in effect take control over the costings based on your own budget and finances. This means also taking full control over the materials and design that you use.

By building your own home, you can install the most cost effective electrical and plumbing systems, therefore guaranteeing their efficiency.

You can even elect to install a water recycling system (which is what we did when we built our own home) in order to reduce on your water bill costs. Whereas, if you were to buy a ready built house, the systems would already have been installed.

Building your own home also offers a great sense of satisfaction and achievement, especially if you have played a part in managing the build.

Building Your Own Home – The Downs

One of the biggest drawbacks of building your own home is trying to find a plot of land within your budget (especially if you have a preferred location in mind.)

Paying a premium amount for a plot of land can quickly make a big dent within your funds which will then suddenly dictate the size and finish of your dream home…Meaning that your dream house may not end up looking quite like the one that you had planned in your mind.

That’s if you actually get the Planning Department to approve your proposals in the first place!

Time also plays a huge factor when it comes to building your own house. Building your own home is not a one man project and can take up a huge chunk of your time and require a lot of effort on your part, as you endeavour to work with a team of experts such as engineers, architects and interior designers.

Then there’s the extra cost and inconvenience of having to find somewhere to live during the build. Renting, living with family or as was the case for us- living in a caravan, can all take their toll on your finances and your sanity!

Building Your Own Home – The Conclusion

So would we recommend that you build your own home?


Although building your own house can be trying at times and can be difficult to finance given that mortgages for self builds can be limited, there is no better feeling in the world than building your own home and actually moving into it!

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