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How To Build Your Own Home Without Going Bankrupt

Saturday, January 31st, 2015

If You’re Looking To Build Your Own Home Then Think Carefully…

As one of South Wales most reputable builders not only do we love helping people build their dream home, we also ensure that they can afford it in the first place.

Tips on how to build your own homeFar to often people jump in the deep end without seriously thinking about what it will really cost to build their dream home. It’s all to easy to forget about the structural costs, techniques, skills and all of the other hidden infrastructure and internal costs needed to complete the project.

How many times have you driven past and seen a ‘self build’ project unfinished? You can bet it’s because the owner didn’t plan the project carefully enough at the beginning and as a result ran out of money

Not a day goes by without someone asking me how easy is it really to build your own home? The truth is that it’s as easy or as hard as you make it.

There are a few key factors to consider before jumping in the deep end. Sadly we have seen peoples dream shattered and their lives turned upside down because they were poorly advised or because they were ignorant towards the truth. Ask yourself…

“Can I afford it” or ” am I the best builder” to do the job ? Many people think that to build your own home is simple, but trust me when I say that it’s not always as easy as it may seem.

Can You Really Build Your Own Home ?

The secret to any successful building project is to think and plan it carefully before spending a penny. If you think that you can build your own house then ask yourself these few simply questions …

1. Am I up to date with all of the latest building regulations ?
2. Do I really have the skills and expertise to build my own house?
3. Am I really qualified to build a house?
4. Have a really got the time to construct my own house?
5. Do I know who can help me build a house?
6. Do I know how much it will really cost to build my own house?
7. Can I really afford to build my own house?

Build Your Own Home Without Going BustIt can be an exciting experience building your own home and the thought that you can design and have it built to a very high standard is what appeals to most people. It’s also the main reason most people end up appointing a good builder to build their house for them.

All too often people even end up asking a builder to take over their building their home because they misjudged how much time and effort it would take or because they found that their own ( or even their friends ) DIY skills were not as good as they had thought!

Let’s be honest… very often we all think at some time or other that we could build our own home using family and friends to save money. Personally from my experience it very often ends up costing more than appointing an experienced builder from the outset and sometimes ends up destroying relationships.

To Build Your Own Home Can Be A Risky Affair

If you want to build your own home then remember it will be the biggest investment that you will ever make and one that needs intense planning well before you start. It’s not uncommon for a builder to take over the construction of a new self build project because the client has either found it all to stressful, too time consuming or more costly than they had originally thought.

You will always find that every successful building project has had a good project manager behind it. If you are going to project manage your own self build project, make sure that you have the time and skills to do so otherwise it will most definitely end up costing you much more money than if you had appointed a reputable builder from the outset.

There are now more Banks, Building Societies and other Self Build Lenders who are starting to lend money for self build and other similar projects now that the recession seems to be over. However, I’m glad to say that self build mortgage lenders are only lending money under very strict guidelines. By this I mean that every box has to be tick before, during and after the building process to ensure that the end result is a well built property that can be sold for more than it cost to build and of course one that you can afford to build in the first place.

Unless you seek the right advice from the start you could end up in a lot of financial trouble. Very recently we were involved in a project whereby one simple utility search was over looked by a solicitor that resulted in us uncovering a large water main whilst excavating the foundations for a new house. That water main ran right through the middle of the building plot. The consequence was that it cost a large amount of money to have the water main moved in addition to delaying the whole project. A cost the client had most certainly not expected.

Bad planning, advice and time… costs money !

If you want to build your own home then I suggest that if you can tick all of the right boxes then go for it…. It can be a very rewarding experience. But don’t cut corners. Find an experienced builder, a reputable builder who can do the job for you.. Lock, stock and barrel rather than doing it the hard way that could result in making you bankrupt and losing everything.