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House Extension Wins Bridgend Builder The Building Excellence Award!

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Award Winning House Extension Proves Popular With Customers

We are all very excited he

re at Derwood Homes having won the Rhondda Cynon Taff Building Excellence Awards 2014 for a house extension that we recently built for a customer.

We have always prided ourselves for our high quality workmanship and excellent customer service…but this award really was the icing on the cake.

Reputable Builders Cardiff

All of our team are highly skilled tradesmen who take sp

ecial pride in ensuring the best possible workmanship and customer service when building house extensions or carrying out any other building work.

Building a house extension can be very challenging, and this particular house extension was no exception…It came complete with many challenges.

However  being the professional and experienced company that we are, we managed to overcome any issues that arose and went on to create this great house extension that the customer was thrilled with. Excellence Award Won By Local Builders South Wales

We even took the customer with us to the awards ceremony and ,as you can imagine, he was incredibly proud that his house extension  actually won.

This is not the first time that  Derwood Homes have been in the spotlight for our quality workmanship.

We have also had our self build homes featured within the “Build It” Magazine and on the channel 5 property program “The Property List” .

And we fully intend to continue to offer the best quality workmanship that we can when building a house extension, new build house, garage conversion, barn conversion or indeed any other building project that we take on.

If you are looking for a builder in Bridgend or anywhere else in South Wales and would like us to provide you with a free Quotation, to build a house extension or any other building project,then contact us and we’ll get straight back to you.

Have a great day,



5 Common Mistakes People Make When Renovating A House

Thursday, January 9th, 2014

Tips On Renovating A House

Many of us love to watch home improvement shows and become glued to our screens in fascination as we watch various builders transform an otherwise gloomy house into a  modernised, luxurious home. ..But is renovating a house really as straight forward as they make out?

Home Improvement Tips and Ideas   Benefits of renovating your home

The answer,sadly, is a resounding NO. We need to remember that these programmes are aimed at keeping us entertained. Even though renovating a house can indeed provide much needed extra living space or provide us with the house of our dreams, the stark reality is that unless the house renovation is carried out correctly, you can actually end up with a house of horrors as opposed to the house of your dreams.

So what are the 5 most common mistakes people make when renovating a house and what measures can you take to avoid them?

Renovating A House-Mistake #1 under estimating costs

This may seem a bit obvious but you’d be surprised how many people rush into renovating a house without taking the time to fully calculate the total costs involved.

Renovation work always costs more than you expect. The reason for this is that often extra costs are not known until you start the renovation work and you uncover unexpected problems.

Before you start to renovate a house, you need to carefully go through your proposed plans, including your specification for fixtures and fittings and allow an extra 10-20% as a contingency plan to allow for any unexpected extras.

To calculate your costs for renovating a house as accurate as possible try to find another person who is carrying out a similar renovation project to yours in order to try to get an approximate cost for the renovation costs involved, or alternatively you could ask a reputable builder to provide you with a free quotation for the work involved.

Renovating A House -Mistake #2 Ignoring Planning permission and Building Regulations

It is important to always check the current building regulations before you start to renovating a house.

Home Improvement IdeasIf you go ahead without complying with planning and building regulations, you could be asked to undo all of the completed work.

Breaching planning and building regulations when renovating a house can have serious consequences including an injunction if you fail to comply with the Party Wall Act or more seriously, legal proceedings against you if you alter a listed building without consent.

To avoid any unnecessary fines or delays, always consult your local authority for advice on the  current legislation regarding renovating a house. Or alternatively some  reputable builders  will be able to advise you on current building regulations.

Renovating A House -Mistake #3 Failing to stick to budget

When you are renovating a house costs can escalate very quickly if you do not discipline yourself to stay within budget.

When costing your project and deciding on your budget, it is important to remember to allow for all the materials that are going to be required for the whole renovation.

For example,  one common error that people make when budgeting for a house renovation, is that they overspend on the first part of the project often choosing top of the range items only then to run out of money by the end, meaning that they have not allowed enough budget for items needed to complete the house renovation,  such as floor or wall tiles.

In order to keep within your budget, try to find the best options to suit your budget. For example French doors cost half the amount of installing bi-fold doors , but they can still add just as much value to your property.

Renovating A House -Mistake #4 Living On A Building Site!

When renovating a house it can be tempting to live on site as you are on hand to oversee the project and can take deliveries, however there is a downside to this.

House Improvement and renovation tips

To begin with there is the safety side of things  to consider,especially if you have children and pets.

Also it can be difficult to “switch off” in your free time especially if you are hands on and providing help with the project.

With this in mind, try if possible to move out whilst the renovation is in progress. Or alternatively, if this is not possible, try to separate the part of the house where construction is in progress from the living area.

Renovating A  House-Mistake #5 Choosing the wrong people for the job

Finally the 5th most common mistake people make when renovating a house , (especially after they watch the various house renovation programmes on T.V.) is to fool themselves into thinking that they can do the work themselves .

Renovating Your House

Carrying out work yourself can indeed help to reduce costs, but be careful not to be too ambitious as you could end up actually slowing the project down ; either due to not having enough time to allocate to the project or through having to pay out for someone to rectify any sub standard work .

When you decide to renovate a property it’s important to remember that less is not always more. Take time to choose a reputable builder; someone who can provide you with examples of any similar renovation projects that they have undertaken.

It is not wise to simply choose a builder based on the lowest quote as in the long run it could end up costing you more for a number of reasons including;

Some builders provide a cheap quote knowing full well that they will need to bill you for extras during the project. They are aware that once the project has commenced,you will be so desperate for it to be completed, that you will therefore have no choice but to pay for the extras in order for it to be completed.

If you employ rogue builders” when renovating a house, there is a real danger that you could end up having to pay for a reputable builder to correct the work in order for it to pass inspection.

 So if you are considering renovating a house, take care to plan well and to appoint an experienced builder.


How To Find A Qualified Electrician

Monday, January 6th, 2014

Why You Should Have Your Home Checked By A Qualified Electrician

With the shocking weather we have experienced lately, many homes and properties throughout South Wales are suffering severe damage.

Reputable Highly Qualified ElectricianAs well as structural damage, flooding and water leaks can end up killing you if your not careful.

As well as finding a reputable builder to repair your home you should have safety checks carried out on your electrics and gas appliances.

Water and electrics do not mix well.

Hundreds of people are killed each year from electric shocks caused by water leaks and storm damage to their homes.

This is why it is so important to have your electrics checked by a reputable and highly qualified electrician at regular intervals.

Choosing the wrong electrician or someone who claims to be an electrician is a mistake that could cost you your life. Cutting corners to save money when dealing with electrics is not a good idea. Better to be safe than sorry.

So What is the Best Way to Find a Qualified Electrician?

Did you know that Incompetent electrical work contributes for over 13,000 electrical fires a year so it is paramount that you hire the best electrician to carry out any electrical work needed in your home and of course not to attempt to carry out any electrical work yourself. In fact it is illegal to do so.

Below are 4 Points to Consider when Hiring A Qualified Electrician

1.            Ask For Proof Of their Qualifications. A qualified electrician should always be able to provide a certificate as proof that they have passed their city and guild examinations or…

2.            Ask your electrician if they are registered With Any Electrical Trade Associations

NICEIC (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting)

Members of NICEIC are assessed before they join the Niceic and are then annually assessed and their work inspected to ensure that they meet all of the technical and safety standards.

The NICEIC also provide an insurance backed warranty for any work that does not meet building regulation standards.

National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers (NAPIT)
NAPIT also inspect and assess their electricians on an annual basis and have a work quality guarantee scheme.

Electrical Contractors Association (ECA)

Members of this association are always fully qualified electricians and must have been practicing for at least a year and have at least £2 million Public Liability Insurance Cover.

Choosing an electrician who is registered with any of the above organisations will not only provide you with piece of mind that they are competent but also in the event that a job does not comply with building regulations, you will be able to have the work rectified under their warrantee scheme.

Using a Cheap Qualified Electrician is not always the best solution

Appointing the cheapest electrician is not always the best option.

Quality, experience and professionalism are the key factors towards appointing the right electrician to carry out any electrical repairs or maintenance in your home.

Finding the right electrician is not as complicated as it may seem. Most electricians are highly reputable. 

Simply ensure that they are fully qualified and registered by one of the approved Associations. If not stay away from them.

Remember… You can’t see electricity …  and it can Kill!

If you need a reputable, highly qualified Electrician then feel free to contact us at any time. We have all of the above qualities, electrical qualifications and expertise to provide you with the service you deserve.