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Kitchen Ideas Design And Installation Services

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

Looking For Some New Fitted Kitchen Ideas ?

Or Maybe A Kitchen Makeover or A Kitchen Refurbishment?

Well, you’ve come to the right place, because we can help you design, install and save a lot of money.Kitchen Ideas And Makeovers

The kitchen always seems to be the focal point when family and friends pop over. We all know that it is every women’s dream to have the perfect new kitchen.

We are seeing a huge increase in the demand for new kitchen makeovers with many of our customers using our big trade discounts off all new kitchens and property refurbishments. That is what makes us unique. Not only do we allow our customers to use our trade accounts to buy a new kitchen but also to buy the tiles, flooring, internal decor and much more.

As Tesco states … “every little helps” !

Not only do we specialise in designing kitchen ideas we are experts in fitting new kitchens of all sorts and sizes to meet individual budgets. Some kitchens simply could do with a few replacement doors or work tops to inprove their look, whilst others require a re-design to make it more user friendly

Take this example.. A young couple bought their very first home together and desperately wanted a new kitchen makeover. We sat down with them, established P1020217what their budget was and hey presto came up with a solution that made their dream come true. As you can see from the before and after photos there was a significant change to their kitchen.

The Derwood team has it’s very own kitchen fitters and kitchen installers, carpenters, builders, plumbers and electricians so you don’thave to worry about anything. We take care of it all. No fuss, hassle or stress.

Whether purchase a kitchen from one of our own trade suppliers or your own kitchen supplier we will happily prepare and refurbish your kitchen area and install your new kitchen at a very competitive price.

We will ensure that the end product and finish is to the highest standard and exceeds your expectations.

Quality and Professionalism Guaranteed

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Garden Wall Building Regulations

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Garden Wall Designs And Ideas

Garden and Retaining Walls Don’t just Look Nice, They Do Have a Purpose..

Garden walls can create a lovely focal point in any garden, but have you ever considered what else garden walls actually do and why they can be so expensive to build? Gabian Basket Retaining Walls

The most common reason some garden walls or retaining walls start to move, crack or even collaspe is because people don’t consider how a garden / retaining wall should be built in the first place or the pressures and forces they need to withstand. Whether a wall is part of a landscaping project or part of a structure that has been built to retain part of a garden or even a house, if it isn’t designed and built correctly then it won’t be long before the ‘cracks begin to show”.

If you are considering building a garden wall make sure that the wall is structurally designed to do exaclty what is it supposed to do, otherwise it will cost you more in the long run to have it repaired. Some basic engineering calculations are generally all that is needed, but for some larger walls more indepth designs are required.

With our winter months getting wetter and colder year on year and the water in the ground freezing, garden walls need to be designed to retain more ground water and frost ‘heave’ than ever before.

Building regulations have become more a lot more strict over the years to ensure that the construction of any structure is adhered too other wiseGarden Wall builders in Bridgend and Cardiff you will be liable should any thing go seriously wrong. Most people even over look the fact that your house insurance may well be void if you build something that does not comply the most up to date engieering and building regulations.

Like most things in life, let’s be honest … we all say … ‘it will never happen to us’… until it does, and then it’s to late. It really isn’t worth taking a risk or cutting corners when safety and costs are concerned

Over the years we have built a variety of garden walls and features. We have also built some substantial retaining walls that not only have to cope with the ground pressures and forces that are imposed on to them but also under ground streams and drainage systems that are needed to prevent an additional build up of water behind a wall that in time would cause it to burst just like a water Dam.

There is nothing worse than paying to have a lovely garden wall feature built only to find in a few months time that it has subsided or having water bellow through it because of inadequate drainage behind.

Do the right thing and get the job done properly first and foremost. Take this simple but lovely looking front garden wall that we recently built in Cardiff for a customer. It looks nice and elegant but some extra thought was needed in it’s design. Generally, whenever you build a structure alongside a pubilc foot path or highway the structure must comply with a certain engineering design to prevent is falling onto a member of the public. If it doesn’t then you could be forced to take it down.

Some structures even have to be built to withstand the impact of a car at a certain speed. So you see there can be more to building a garden retaining wall than you think. If you would like more information or advice then Derwood homes and developements can help..

Quality and Professionalism Guaranteed

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Building A New House Extension

Monday, December 10th, 2012

Building A House Extension.. Getting It Right !

We truly love building new house extensions…

Regardless of whether we build a house extension in Cardiff, Bridgend, Barry or any where in South Wales, receiving a testimonial such as this one below really does make us feel proud.

Customer Testimonials

“Hi Roy

We’re really enjoying the space and relaxing in the kitchen with friends.  Our friend Andrew, who we picked up yesterday from the airport, can’t stop raving about how lovely the house is. Your team have been fantastic and we cannot sing their praises enough. Days when we were around and saw them working away in the rain (Andrew the bricky and Geoff spring to mind) and days when we weren’t here, when Andrew and Rhys wheeled all the soil from the back through the house and then wheeled all hardcore back through the house without leaving any mess. Some nights the only way we knew they’d been here (apart from the difference in the garden) was the old glass bottles that had been dug up and left on the side for us. And finally Ray and James’s work in installing the kitchen and Jason’s perseverance at the end to get things finished to a high standard.  

Our thanks again to everyone and if you need anyone to recommend Derwood in the future we’d be happy to do that”  Mark..  New House Extension in Cardiff

All to often people find it difficult to praise someone, a service or A company when they perform well and yet we are all guilty of quickly moaning and groaning when things don’t go to plan. Thankfully our team at Derwood Homes are privileged to receive lots of thanks and praises from our customers for the building work we do and it is these moments that make it all worth while, despite upon times having to work in miserable conditions.

We built this particular house extension for a customer in Cardiff. The only real challange for us was that we had to carry everything through the house itself simply because there was no rear access. Despite this the end results was a lovely new house extension that had some large bi-fold doors that completely opened out into the garden, a lot of electric velux roof windows and a partial glass floor to allow light into the base.

Making dreams come true is what it is all about, whether we build a new house extension, a new house, a loft conversion, basement conversion or any type of project regardless of how challanging it may be we thoroughly enjoy it!

If you fancy learning more about building a new house extension, or any other type of building project why not give us a call or contact us via email

Kind Regards



Derwood Electrical Services

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Electricians in Cardiff, Bridgend and South Wales
Offering a First Class Electrical Repair and Electrical Installation Service

Whether your property needs a partial or complete rewire, an electrical upgrade or an electrical test and certification, Derwood Electrical Services can offer and point you in the right direction. Our Electrical services include repairs and installations for Domestic And Commercial Properties, so you need look no further.

It’s true… we are now priviledged to annonouce that due to public demand we have expanded our Electrical Services within the Cardiff, Bridgend and South Wales area.

Accredited Electricians At Your Service !
Our professional team of electricians are available to carry out all types of Domestic and Commercial Electrical work including

  • Electrical Design
  • Complete Installations
  • Electrical Rewires & Upgrades
  • Electrical Fault Finding Service
  • Extra Socket and Lighting
  • Wiring Designs for Loft Conversions and Extensions
  • Electrical Testing, Inspections & Certification
  • Lighting Requirement
  • Outdoor Lighting / Power Supplies
  • Electric Shower Installations
  • Intruder Systems
  • Fire and Smoke Alarm Systems
  • Replacement Sockets & Switches
  • Upgrading & Replacing of Electrical Fuse boards
  • Insurance Work
  • Minor Electrical Works Certification
  • Wiring Design and Extensions
  • Electric Cooker Installation and Maintenance
  • Emergency Call out
  • Landscape lighting Installations
  • Earth bonding, testing and upgrading

Whether your looking for an electrician in Cardiff or an electrcian in Bridgend, our qualified and experience electricians cater for all types of Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Domestic electrical work. You can rest assured that we will provide you with a friendly and efficient service at all times, guaranteed ! Whether you’re looking for a electrician to find an electrical fault, install a new electrical supply or to simply ensure that your electrics are safe, Derwood Electrical Services are the Sparky’s you need !

Electric Can Kill.  So Please don’t take any risks

Always be sure to call an experienced electrician to carry out your electrical work. It’s Best to be Safe than Sorry !  Did you know that is is an offence to carry out any type of electrical work unless you are qualified to do so. Derwood Electrical Services is Registered with the NICEIC and the Electrical Safety Register. So call in the experts !


Quality and Professionalism Guaranteed

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