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How to Spot a Cowboy Builder

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

The news is full of scarey stories about rogue builders

So how do you tell the good guys from the dodgy dealers? Here’s our guide to avoiding cowboy workers: How to avoid cowboy builders

  1. Don’t consider cold callers. If someone turns up on your doorstep offering to carry out work, there’s a good chance they are not above board. Similarly, be wary of flyers pushed through the letterbox with only a mobile number and no registered details.
  2. Appearances matter. Does the builder look scruffy or smart? Take a look at his or her van too. If it’s unmarked and unbranded, steer clear.
  3. Ask for references or recommendations and, if possible, inspect work the builder has previously carried out. Websites such as are useful if you want to check someone out.
  4. Be suspicious if the builder asks for money up front or for cash only. Ask for receipts throughout and make sure you and the builder sign a contract before work starts, including the total cost and start and finish dates. The Federation of Master Builders has a ‘Plain English’ contract which you can download for free.
  5. Remember that good builders are busy builders and usually have a waiting list.

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